Grand Mirror Ordering Process

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Step 1 Measure
Step 2 Select Mirror Type
Step 3 Quotation
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Step 1: Measure the desired mirror size
Step 1
Measure the desired mirror size

To begin, we need the exact dimensions of the replacement mirror you'd like to purchase, such as 60.27 inches by 38.12 inches (1530 millimeters by 968 millimeters). We use a CNC machine-controlled cutting process to create highly precise mirrors. Additionally, you may request irregular shapes, such as a cutout in the mirror to accommodate a sink faucet. Provide your specifications, and we can craft any shape you desire. You can send us an AutoCAD file, create a sketch, or make a paper template.

Step 2: Choose the Mirror Type
Step 2
Choose the Mirror Type

Grand Mirrors offers a wide variety of mirror options, all customizable to your desired dimensions. First, select the type of mirror that best suits your needs, then explore the available personalized adjustments. We offer numerous premium features like defoggers and motion sensors that activate bathroom lights when someone enters.

Step 3: Request a Customized Mirror Quote
Step 3
Receive Your Quote

Once we have your order details, we'll provide you with a custom quote for all associated costs. The mirror ships complete with everything you need. We'll also send you a pre-production sketch to ensure your mirror meets your specifications.

Step 4: Review All Details
Step 4
Review All of the Details

Review all the specifications for your new mirror. It's highly recommended to remeasure and double-check the sizes, options, and specifications before manufacturing begins. Contact us if any changes are needed, or if everything looks correct, we'll send you the final production drawing and invoice to sign before starting production.

Step 5: Delivery Time & Shipping
Step 5
Place Your Order

Production of your custom mirror typically takes about three to four weeks, but we can often expedite the process for an additional cost if necessary. We adhere to the industry's strictest quality control standards during manufacturing to ensure the highest possible quality. For shipping mirrors, we work exclusively with carefully vetted, highly specialized, and well-established transportation providers. Once your order is packaged and shipped, we'll provide you with a tracking number or shipping reference, and you can contact the shipping company directly to arrange a delivery time.

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Worldwide air shipment of cargoes.

Worldwide Shipping

Grand Mirrors is proud to offer international shipping. Free shipping is available for all custom orders in the United States and Canada.

Your Grand Mirrors order comes with zero risk. If your mirror arrives damaged, we will gladly accept its return and remake your order at no additional cost. According to our terms and conditions, we require any defects upon delivery to be reported within 24 hours of receiving the product.

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*You assume zero risk when it comes to the delivery of your order with Grand Mirrors. In the unfortunate event that your mirror arrives broken, we will re-make your item at no additional cost to you. In accordance with our terms and conditions, we require that any defects on delivery be notified within twenty-four hours of the time that the product was received.