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Our lit mirror line featuring ceramic frames that are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs. Inspired by the gorgeous Mediterranean region and its laid-back way of life, this collection combines grand designs of the past with cutting-edge technology.

Our MEDITERRANEAN mirrors feature an integrated lighting system that is both powerful and integrated, providing exceptional lighting and a clear reflection. The ceramic frames add a touch of elegance and style to any space, making it the perfect addition to any bathroom or dressing area.

At Grand Mirrors, we offer customised solutions to meet your unique needs and preferences. Our MEDITERRANEAN mirrors can be produced in any size and any quantity, and delivered straight to the location you specify.

Ceramic-framed, lit mirror wall-mounted above a single sink and a washbowl beside a glass window.

Mediterranean Mirrors Ceramic Designs

Black Arrow
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Seuca frame in an illuminated mirror with colorful flower designs.
Calafat frame with decorative floral-framed design lighted mirror.
Corsica is enhanced by painted flowers on a lighted mirror frame.
Tarifa flower leafy pattern design in the frame of a lighted mirror.
Sassari's frame design of a lighted mirror.
Sardinia frame LED Mirror with intricate blue and orange designs.
A lighted mirror with a Greek design pescara frame.
Illuminated mirror with sorento Mediterranean frame.
Decorative lit mirror with an ornate and ceramic design frame.
Illuminated mirror with a nude frame and intricate scroll ceramic frame design.
Lighted mirror with a vibrant ceramic tile frame design.
Integrated lighting mirror with a golden frame and colorful stripes frame design.
Light-enhanced mirror with a yellow frame and a colorful, unique ceramic design frame.
Illuminated mirror with a ceramic-gilded Greek key frame design.
Toulon frame of a lighted mirror with a unique flower design.
Mallorca Mediterranean frame of a lighted mirror with an intricate ceramic design.

We offer custom-sized MEDITERRANEAN Mirrors that can be made in any size and quantity to fit your unique specifications.

Our MEDITERRANEAN Mirrors feature a powerful integrated True Light, paired with Back Light, or can be produced without any light options at all, according to your preference.

Our MEDITERRANEAN Mirrors are the perfect addition to any bathroom, living room, salon, restaurant, or any space where a mirror is needed. They come with a simple and secure wall mount, making installation quick and easy.

At Grand Mirrors, we take pride in providing customised solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Choose from our wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs to create a mirror that perfectly complements your space. Trust Grand Mirrors to provide you with a MEDITERRANEAN Mirror that combines the latest technology with stunning aesthetics.

Mediterranean logo.

Powerful Light Options to Suit Your Needs

Grand Mirrors utilizes innovative light transfer technology that directs light precisely towards you, resulting in an exceptionally effective illumination that is up to three times brighter than other mirrors on the market.

Choose from an array of powerful lighting options, including True Light, Cool Light, Philips LED Light, or Warm Light, to create the perfect ambiance in your space.

For added convenience and customization, we offer wireless dimmers for Cool, Warm, and True Light options. You can also choose to include Philips LED lights with dimmers for the ultimate in personalized lighting control.

Standard LED Light Options:

True light icon. True Light (2700-6200K) What is this?

Philips LED Light Options:

Philips warm light icon. Philips Warm Light (2700K)
Philips mid-warm light icon. Philips Mid-Warm Light (4000K)
Philips Cool light icon. Philips Cool Light (6500K)

Effortless Installation

Installing your Grand Mirrors is a breeze. Simply attach the two provided strips to the wall using the included hardware, connect the mirror to the power supply, and hang it on the wall. The installation process is straightforward and typically takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

Woman's reflection in a mirror shows the difference between True Light and other integrated light.

Grand Mirrors True Light Technology

Experience Full Spectrum LED Lighting – The Perfect Light Anytime, Anywhere

Embrace the versatility of Grand Mirrors True Light Technology, where you no longer have to choose between cool and warm light – enjoy both simultaneously.

Preparing for a day at work? The cool tone simulates office lighting, while the warm colour creates an inviting atmosphere for a relaxing evening or a night out.

Looking to match the light precisely with other lights in your bathroom? Choose from the full spectrum between 2700K and 6200K, and effortlessly adjust the colour and brightness using the wireless remote control to harmonise with your other lighting fixtures.

Transform your space with Grand Mirrors True Light Technology, offering unparallelled flexibility and control to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

LED Specifications Table

(Warm 3000K / Cool 6000K)
(Warm 2700K / Mid-Warm 4000K/ Cool Light 6500K)
TRUE LIGHT BULBS (for Hollywood Mirror)
Operating voltage icon represents power and energy.
Operating Voltage
24 volts 24 volts 24 volts 24 volts
Lumen per foot icon for illuminating any space.
Lumen per foot
650 593 510 610 (per bulb)
Color Rendering Index icon enclosed within a circle. 90+ 95+ 90+ 90+
Electrical plug, used for connecting devices to a power source.
Watts per foot
3.2 watts 2.7 watts 3.6 watts 3 watts (per bulb)
Electrical plug, used for connecting devices to a power source.
Watts per meter
10 watts 8 watts 11 watts 3 watts (per bulb)
LED light icon for a Grand Mirrors.
Lifetime LED light
50,000 hours 60,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Gold circle mirror icon, symbolizing the thinnest glass and polished edges.
copper free

maintenance free

0.2”/5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

0.2”/5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

0.2”/5mm glass

polished edges
copper free

maintenance free

0.2”/5mm glass

polished edges
Certification icon showing that it meets UL standards.


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards


Meets UL Standards

Enhanced Power Driver for Grand Mirrors

Every Grand Mirrors product is designed to provide a seamless and reliable experience for our customers. As part of our standard configuration, each Grand Mirrors includes a versatile power supply that connects effortlessly to any AC outlet, with a power input range of 100-240 volts.

For customers seeking even greater flexibility, we offer an optional advanced power driver that is compatible with a broader voltage spectrum of 100-277 volts. This cutting-edge driver is engineered to work smoothly with a wide array of controllers, dimmers, and switches from leading brands such as Lutron, GE, Philips, Kasa, and Leviton, among others.

Please download this PDF for more specifications.

Energy-efficient power supply adapter of a lighted frosted mirror for functional spaces.
Power adapter of a Grand Mirrors connects effortlessly to any AC outlet.

Customization Options:

At Grand Mirrors, we offer a range of customizable add-ons to enhance the functionality and convenience of your MEDITERRANEAN Mirror. Choose from the following options:

Mirror with a square defogger that will keep your reflection clear even after a steamy shower.


Keep your mirror clear and clean even after a steamy shower with our defogger. Available in different shapes and sizes to match your selection.

Touch control manages your mirror's settings and easily adjusts the brightness and color.

Touch Control

Easily turn on and off your mirror light with touch control. It allows you to change the brightness, color, program, and save personal settings. Touch control is easy to install on all Grand Mirrors products.

Touchless ON/OFF

Equip your mirror with a touchless on-off sensor for a hands-free experience. The light turns on and off by simply waving your hand under the mirror.